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The 500 Club is a sponsorship option aimed at football loving individuals, community groups and small businesses, looking to become stakeholders in Indonesia’s quest to compete at the AFL International Cup in Australia in 2014 (IC14).

Membership is available now at USD 500-00 or equivalent, once only,

All funds raised from the 500 Club will be applied 100% towards flights, buses, accommodation, football uniforms and living costs on tour, for the 20 (approx) Indonesian Nationals selected to attend IC14. For more information and details of membership benefits, please contact John Eddy This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

AFL Indonesia 500 Club Members Roll:

  • Ken Allan
  • Eddy Family
  • Mark Sabbatucci
  • Paul Hutson
  • Haydn Dare
  • Bali Geckos FC
  • PT Quiksilver Indonesia
  • Jeff Tutticci
  • Borneo Bears FC
  • John McCarthy
  • Hilton King
  • PT Transkon Jaya
  • Simon Chambers
  • Gap International Pty Ltd
  • Kristian Vandermeer
  • Ric Wymer
  • Adrian Boltong
  • Terry Burkin
  • Ray Hodgson
  • Mark Jeffcott
  • Ben Clanchy
  • PT Bintang Subsea
  • Jones Family
  • Peter Reichlmeier
  • PT Seascape Surveys
  • Jakarta Hawks
  • Aphrodite Group
  • PT CSA Global Indonesia
  • Chris Bandy
  • Peter Wallace
  • JIIB Financial
  • Peter G. Fanning
  • Lee Van Gils

As part of AFL Asia’s mega Australia Day Weekend, the Jakarta Bintangs faced the Indonesian Garudas and Borneo Bears in Jakarta.

Below, Adam “Drip” Bray, Club Coach of the Bintangs has filed the following match report.

Today’s Daily Mail from Adelaide has published an article ny Kym Morgan titled, Super fast Lukman is kicking goals.

It has been reproduced below.

MEET Lukman.